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     You have made a commitment to demonstrate to your members, friends, and community that you truly care about our environment. Since that speaks to our very core, we will give the utmost attention to your efforts and strive to offer seamless support. Our ultimate goal is to provide a user-friendly experience that is both educating and energizing!

No doubt, you will appreciate our hands-on approach throughout the process. You will notice several features that keep you informed along the way, such as our confirmation emails and the 'lighting' of the progress bar under 'Getting Started'. In addition, we offer prompt return calls and emails as needed throughout your journey to ensure that everything is handled in a timely manner. You will never be left wondering where you are in the process, while logged in, you will always be provided a point of reference for your benefit.

We always welcome your calls and emails, so please feel free to communicate with us at any time during your tour of the website and your progression toward creating your own 'GoSpace'!!!
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