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Turnkey Solutions

Furthermore, if you have not found an architect or engineer for your project, we can assist you in finding one that meets your needs.
Our teams of architects and engineering partners are here to assist you in any way that they can make your experience with our products easy and efficient.  Feel free to call us directly or email us in the Contact Section of this website


GoSpace has a network of architects and engineers who are familiar with our products to assist you and/or your design professionals in the design and installation process.  Since our team of professionals are experienced in all types of construction, residential and commercial, remodeled and new, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering fields, our team of architects and engineers can assist in providing detailed drawings for the product if the local building department requires this for a permit



GoSpace is focused on providing high quality, attractive, useful products to our customers.

GoSpace is committed to educating your team on what will truly work in your location, assisting you in generating an useful GoSpace. What is a GoSpace? A GoSpace is any parking space that is dedicated to generating marketability. What does this mean? Right now, our parking spaces have one purpose, park a car. However, with the GoSpace, it now becomes a parking space for your customers to charge their Electric Vehicle, pump up their vehicles tires to maximize the vehicle's gas mileage, or use the sun's energy to power these and other products. In addition, all the products that are featured for the GoSpace are designed to bring existing and new clients to your location. This can be all done by customizing your GoSpace to fit your unique needs.



GoSpace has a network of certified installers for every product that we sell if it is required.

As the need for certified installers grows due to government requirements, GoSpace is dedicated to providing a network of professionals that will take pride in your project from start to finish. Our team of installation partners are not part of a mass bidding list. Through the process, each installer will meet with the customer on the project site or meet with the design professional to understand the whole scope of the GoSpace project. Afterward, the installation bid will be reviewed by GoSpace to ensure that every detail is given due attention.



GoSpace has created a system to maximize your GoSpace parking space. By using our process laid out in the Getting Started portion of our website, a GoSpace Expert will work directly with your team to create a media buzz for your new GoSpace. Your GoSpace Expert will help your team generate an awareness of your teamís desire to be both service oriented and environmentally conscious. Our level of support is based specifically on your needs. We will gladly assist during the entire process: Before, After, and Future media support to keep reminding your customers how you are not only striving to improve the environment, but encouraging your customers with reminders like keeping their tires inflated for maximum mileage. Unique support can be offered in securing an Electric Vehicle for an event and offering on-site support of a Media day if desired.


Warranty and Maintenance

Obviously, all our products come with manufacturer's warranties that we proudly stand behind. In the rare event that there is an issue with your GoSpace product within the warranty period, we will have a GoSpace Expert return your call or email within 24 hours to resolve any problem that you might have. Often, one of our GoSpace Technicians will be able to correct the situation over the phone. Of course, if a service call is warranted, the GoSpace Expert will ensure a quick response for a Technician to visit your site. In addition, we always offer Extended Warranty Service, available for various periods of time that serve your needs. The added comfort level and peace of mind has made the choice of an Extended Warranty a simple one for many. We gladly offer these options for the benefit of our valued customers.
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