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About Us - Who We Are

GoSpace was initially founded to address the emerging need for a dynamic, well established Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. Being deeply involved with various governmental committees, initiatives, and task forces, we have demonstrated our dedication to a better environment for future generations by supporting zero-emissions transportation infrastructure. The auto manufacturers appear to be just as committed by providing beautiful, highly technological cars that make going "Electric" a pure pleasure. Our job is to ensure that the "pleasure" continues by providing convenient, affordable, grid-friendly charging stations that allow access across the public, commercial, and private sectors.

Obviously, our level of concern also deals with the current gas dependent vehicles. With that said, we realize the importance of maintaining proper air pressure in our tires. This contributes greatly to better gas mileage. Thus, we now offer Air Machines that also contribute to a better environment

Going yet a step further, we even offer a SOLAR Canopy that can cover the space with shade and help generate power for the Air Machine or EV Charging Station. We are absolutely determined to provide an exceptional user experience for the owner's of both plug-in vehicles and existing gas powered automobiles.

Our Mission is to transform any parking or garage space into a GoSpace! Energizing the space with the latest technology enables individuals to maximize the efficiency of their vehicles. That wonderful sense of satisfaction we all can enjoy is what "drives" us!
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