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Our Products - Extras

Air Machine
Model 8670-2BGA
Price: Call for Pricing

How do you attract new customers to your location. One way is by airing up a massive inflatable gorilla outside your business ... OR ... by installing an air machine. Why an air machine? Click below for more information...


Electronic Air Tower

SC-05 Electronic Air Tower
Price: Call for Pricing

When is an Air Machine smarter than you are????..... Well.... Let's not draw comparisons quite yet....When you air up a tire, you may over inflate, and then have to let out air, then you take too much out, and then....ooops, never mind....Hey, you can still take on the vacuum machine....Please enjoy learning about what an Air Machine can do for you NOW by clicking below.


Excel PNT4
Electronic Tire Gauge
Price: Call for Pricing

A little smarter than the average air machine? Yes it is...How so? With the introduction of digital PSI calibration. When? By checking tires for proper inflation for your fleet team and/or customers. Never over or under inflate a tire again. Impossible you might say... Find out by clicking below for more information...

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