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Our Products - Illumination/Solar

Solar Canopy - Lite
Model: SCEV438012
Application: Residential/Commercial
Price: Local Pricing Available

We pause for a moment to consider the scenario -

The Sun powers the vehicle that doesn't use fossil fuel - no coal, no foreign dependence on oil, no ... Wow!

Let's just catch our breath for a moment... phew...

Ok - here's the reality - Every step we make toward that solution, the better we make a stand for our Environment, our Earth, our Ecology, our Energy, our Egg Salad,.. (Oops... got carried away with the 'E' words).

Anyway, please check out the BrightField Solar Canopy Lite that we offer to help power our EV Charging Stations.


Solar Canopy - Mega
Model: SCEV538012
Application: Commercial
Price: Local Pricing Available

Like the saying goes, if you can build a Solar Canopy that powers electric vehicles, then the people can charge. With the BrightField Solar Canopy Mega, you will be able to power six electric vehicles. Yes, by installing a Solar Canopy at your GoSpace Location, you are making a choice that is Excellent, Energizing, Economical, ahhhh, oh, you get the point. Now that is Mega good.....

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